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Show-Me State Games

June 7-10, 2018 July 20-22, 2018 July 27-29, 2018

VOLUNTEER CONTACT: (573) 884-2946


One key reason to our success as the largest games event is our outstanding volunteers who dedicate their time and energy in making the Games run so smoothly!

We anticipate thousands of athletes from across Missouri along with their families and friends to descend upon Columbia for the 33rd Annual Show-Me STATE GAMES! Our participants are always impressed with the warm hospitality and strong sense of community spirit that Mid-Missouri has to offer. Our Volunteers help make Central Missouri a great place to host the Games.

Want to have a fun time this summer?  Sign up to volunteer and enjoy the many activities that will that will be taking place during the Show-Me STATE GAMES (June 14-18, July 22-24 and 29-31).

On behalf of everyone associated with the Show-Me STATE GAMES, please accept our heartfelt “THANK YOU” for the many, many hours you give during the three weekends of the GAMES. Your enthusiasm and courtesy provide a rewarding experience for all our athletes, their families and friends!

Ways to Become a Volunteer

  1. Print and Complete the Volunteer Form. Then Fax (573-884-4004) or Mail (1400 Rock Quarry Center, Entrance 5, Columbia 65211) the completed form to our office.
  2. Call the Show-Me STATE GAMES office(573) 884-2946, for any volunteer questions or if you would like a Volunteer Registration Form faxed, e-mailed or mailed to you.
  3. Corporate Volunteer Program: If you have 12 or more volunteers from your business or group (can also include family and friends), then check out this special program to give your business or group recognition while volunteering.
  4. Register Online: 
General Volunteer Information

Questions regarding volunteer assignments can be answered via phone, email or in person.  

Maggie Schuh
Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO  65211

Where do I go?
- You will receive a yellow postcard, e-mail, or phone call with your assignment. If you have received a pre-assigned notification, go directly to the site. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time and report to the site coordinator. If you do not have a pre-assigned time, contact the volunteer office at 884-2946 for an assignment.  If you have any questions pertaining to your assignment, please call 573-884-2946 or email

What is my job?
- Various duties within each sport are listed at the bottom of the page and easily learned within a short time frame.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your assignment, please email me at and we will do our best to make your volunteer experience with the SMSG as enjoyable as possible.

Attire - You will be provided an Official SMSG Volunteer T-shirt. Please be sure to wear your shirt to be recognized easily by players, teams and coaches.

Shirts are available at the SMSG office, June 12-13, July 17-20 and July 24-27, or onsite during the games.

If your volunteer site is outside, we recommend that you wear some form of protection from the sun such as a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. These will not be provided by the SMSG.  We also recommended bringing bottled water and/or other forms of adequate hydration.

Inclement Weather - Please watch our website and/or our facebook page for any inclimate weather updates. Any delays or cancellations will be posted; however, please be aware if a sport is delayed, you will still be needed.  

Onsite registration may continue if just rain and there is a sheltered place to do so. 

Cell phone usage - For the safety of all volunteers and athletes, we request that you refrain from texting or using your phone while on your assignment.

Volunteer Age - All ages are encouraged to volunteer. However, volunteers under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Medical Coverage - Emergency medical coverage will only be provided at various venues.  Please familiarize yourself with the location of the medical facilities or the medical procedures at your venue.

Volunteer Activities
  • Basketball- Volunteers are needed for team check-in at each location. Teams will be responsible for their own scorekeeping responsibilities.
  • Cycling - Course marshals, timers
  • Duathlon - course monitors
  • Martial Arts - Record scores, help officials
  • Mountain Biking - Course marshals, time recorders
  • Opening Ceremonies - Escort participants, floor escorts, tunnel escorts
  • Powerlifting - Load weights
  • Registration - Check-in of athletes, t-shirt distribution, various locations, Fridays and Saturdays
  • Road Race / Racewalk - Course monitors, work at aid stations, finish line recorders
  • Rugby - Ball retrievers
  • Soccer - Field marshal, record scores
  • Swimming - Timers, assorted duties
  • Track & Field - Timers, record scores, various other duties
  • Triathlon - Course monitors
  • Miscellaneous Sports - For sports only needing 1 to 5 volunteers
    See list of miscellaneous sports on volunteer registration form.  Please review the State Games Volunteer Activity Descriptions on the Volunteer Registration Form for more information.
Volunteer Committees

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Committee Members:

Steve Bohn

Tania Cook

Faye Cope

Taylor Dalton
Columbia CVB

Maureen Dunbar

Silver Graham-Reed
State Farm Insurance 

Shirley Johnson
Missouri Employers Mutual

Mary Anne Mize
Landmark Bank

Jill Nabors
ABC Labs

Eric Phelps
Shelter Insurance

Sheila Kausler
Columbia Public Schools 

Marlowe Schlegel
Forum Christian Church

Neal Wilkinson
First State Community Bank