Entries will continue to be accepted until July 24. On-site registrations will be accepted.

Sport Info



Sunday, July 24, 2022 - 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Awards will be presented after 3:00 p.m.


NOMO Bowhunter Club, near Moberly, MO. (East of Moberly on Hwy 24).1 1/2 miles east of Hwy 24 & Hwy 63 intersection, near Roadside Park.


Adults - $20.
Young Adults / Youth / Cubs - $12.
Pee Wee - free


Registrations will only be accepted the day of the shoot.


For more information, contact Jim Wiseman


Registration for the 3D Archery event will only be accepted the day of the event at the site.



Release - (A) Sights must be fixed. (B) Any release aid that will safely hold the weight of the bow.

Fingers - (A) Same rules as release with one exception: Release aid will consist of tab or glove--no mechanical aid.

Traditional - (A) Archers shooting traditional style will use long bow or recurve or barebow. (B) No sights, marks or blemishes.

Open Bowhunter Class - (A) Any sight with the exception of those sights that transmit light to the target and those having range finders or any device aiding in determining yardage. (B) Arrows will have no weight restrictions. (C) Any release that will hold the draw weight of the bow and be deemed safe. (D) Shooters using equipment not allowed in the previously mentioned classes will shoot in this class.

New Bowhunter Class - Same format as Release. Must not have won a trophy at Club Shoot or Show-Me 3D.

17 & Under - Same format as Open Class

Shooting Stake Rules - (A) Shooting groups should consist of 2 to 5 in each group. (B) Pacing the distance from the stake to the target will NOT be permitted. (C) One foot or designated portion of the body will touch the stake while shooting. (D) One arrow only will be shot for score. (E) NO range finding devices will be allowed at any level. (F) Binoculars will be allowed at any level.


  • Competitors age is determined by their age on July 1.
  • Scoring for bowhunter classes: 12 sweet spot, 10 heart, 8 lung, 5 body. This excludes legs (at body line), ears, antlers and tails. An arrow touching scoring lines shall score the higher value.
  • To break a tie, the archer with the greatest amount of hits in the sweet spot will be the winner. If a tie still remains, a target shoot-off will be held until a tie is broken.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
AR001Entries for 3D Archery will only be accepted the day of the event at the NOMO Bowhunters Club



Female New Bowhunter
Score 12's
Gold Cheryl Liday, Columbia 207 0

Female Release
Gold Saritha Kendall, Mexico 299 3

Male Cubs 7-10
Gold Luke Parker, Center 397 10

Male New Bowhunter
Gold Jeremy Liday, Columbia 329 3
Silver Devin Vestal, Fulton 252 2

Male Open
Gold Evan Miller, Columbia 408 13
Silver George McCall, Paris 392 13
Bronze Jeremy Welch, Mexico 391 12
Cody Hemeyer, Linn 388 9
David Stephens, Clark 349 4
Clay Wilt, Paris 333 3
Zach Stamper, Moberly 308 3

Male Open Seniors
Gold Glenn Olinger, Rocheport 404 10
Silver Jerry Adams, Armstrong 400 8
Bronze Bobby Richardson, Calliao 390 11
Derek Miller, Columbia 379 7
Jerry Denker, Caroliton 365 7
Jim Washam, Moberly 355 7
Thomas Harrison, Center 338 3
Ken Ingebritson, Paris 319 4
Stephen Lloyd, Novinger 287 2

Male Release
Gold David Moore, Fulton 374 6
Silver Louis Nunley, Jefferson City 346 4
Bronze Christopher Stevens, Mexico 338 3
Dan Frost, Columbia 317 7
Kyle Phillips, Palmyra 300 1
Drew Gertz, Columbia 293 7

Male Traditional
Gold Jim Anderson, Perry 366 8
Silver Bob Lehenbauer, Monroe City 357 5
Bronze Ethan Hammond, Shelbyville 343 2
Ed Albers, Center 302 5
Roy Lanpher, Shelbyville 289 2
Jeff Woodhurst, Perry 282 0
Larry Godert, Hannibal 278 0
Rusty Hammond, Shelbyville 248 1

Male Young Adult 15-17
Gold Hunter Stephens, Clark 382 6
Silver Hunter Fansler, Auxvase 351 2

Male Youth 11-14
Gold Clayten Moore, Fulton 380 9
Silver Zane Wade, Harrisburg 307 3
Bronze Keegan Dixson, Moberly 194 2