Online registration for Football 7v7 (Adult) closed on July 17.


Registrations are due by July 14.

Sport Info


July 22, 2023
- Coaches meeting at 9:00 a.m.  Play to begin following meeting.


Cosmo Park, 1615 Business Loop 70 West, Columbia, MO

Football Field 6


By July 1: $225 After July 1 (space permitting): $275


Last possible day to register:  July 17


All teams must check-in at the competition site prior to competition.

Coaches meeting at 8:45am.  Games will begin at 9:00am.


For more information, contact the Show-Me State Games office at 573-882-2101.


Register Online: Show-Me State Games Online Registration - Football


Register by Mail:  To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211


  • Games will be played 7v7 Touch.  Ball carrier is down when touched below the neck with one hand.
  • Maximum of 15 players per team with a minimum of 8.
  • Teams must wear shirts of the same color and bring one ball.
  • Games are 30 minutes each, 15 minute halves (running clock). Clock will stop in the last minute of the second half.
  • Length of field is 45 yards plus a 10 yard end zone.
  • Offensive unit is comprised of (1) quarterback, (1) center, (2) running backs and (3) receivers. (7 total players).
  • All players are eligible receivers except the center and quarterback. A receiver may advance the ball after a completed pass. No running plays are allowed. Offensive team has 25 seconds to put the ball in play.
  • The quarterback must pass the ball within 4 seconds from the time he receives the snap from center. There will be no whistle to stop play. A completion after 4 seconds will be called back (Loss of down). An interception will be played out.
  • All drives will start on the 45 yard line (left hash). A first down is gained by advancing the ball 15 yards. If more than 15 yards are gained, that distance will be applied to the next first down. For example, if 17 yards are gained, it will be first and 13 when the ball is put in play.
  • The Three Down rule is in effect for the 1st 15 yards. After that, failure to advance the ball 15 yards in 4 downs will allow the defensive team to take over possession on their own 45 yard line.
  • No aspects of the kicking game will be played. All extra points will be two point conversions starting from the 5 yard line. Scoring : 6 points for TD, 2 points for conversion.
  • No tackling allowed/no blocking - 15 yard penalty at point of foul.
  • Fumbles are dead at the spot.
  • Starting defensive unit is comprised of (4) defensive backs, (2) outsiders backers, and (1) inside backer. (7 total players)
  • There will be no rushing the passer. Defensive players cannot pass the line of scrimmage except to cover a flare pass.
  • Interceptions can be advanced but only to score. If they do not score, possession will be taken on the 45 yard line.
  • Pass interference will be spotted at the point of the foul and an automatic first down. Interference in the end zone will be spotted at the 1 yard line. Offensive interference is loss of down only. Responsibility to avoid contact is with the defense.

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