Online registration for Basketball closed on July 1.


Registrations are suspended as we gather more information.

Sport Info


Basketball will not be held in 2020 and will return next year. - 


August 8-9, 2020   

  • 4th grade boys
  • 4th grade girls
  • 5th grade girls


Updated - August 15-16, 2020   

  • 5th grade boys
  • 6th grade boys
  • 6th grade girls


Updated - August 22-23, 2020   

  • 7th grade boys
  • 7th grade girls
  • 8th grade boys
  • 8th grade girls


Updated - August 29-30, 2020   

  • 19 and Over Men
  • 19 and Over Women
  • 30 and Over Men

**Grades are determined by the 2019-2020 school year.

For 2020, teams will be schedule for 3 games.  Teams will play 2 games in pool-play and then all teams will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket.  Games could begin as early as 8:00 am on Saturday.


Basketball competition will take place in Columbia, MO

  • Columbia Sports Fieldhouse, 4251 Philips Farm Rd


$275 if registered by two weeks prior to event.
$300 if registered later (space permitting)

  • In 2020 the tournament will be a 3 game guarantee.  (2 pool play games followed by a single elimination bracket.
  • There will not be an admission charged at the gate.

2 weeks prior to event


Prior to your first game, all teams will be required to check-in. Failure to do so may result in you forfeiting games.  It is highly recommended to give yourself plenty of time to register before your first game.  Only the coach needs to check-in the the team. Any players with unsigned waivers will need to turn them in at this time. Rosters should have been turned in when you registered.

For divisions that have age restrictions, we recommend that each player have a copy of his/her birth certificate or driver's license on hand during the tournament. Players must be able to show proof of age or residence if asked by Games officials.

Each venue will have an information table where all scores will be collected and posted. It is the responsibility of the coach to check standings, scores and other posted information. Brackets posted at these sites will be considered official.


Joe Guffey


Register Online: Show-Me State Games Online Registration - Basketball


Register by Mail:  To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211




  • SMSG Basketball will follow the rules of the MSHAA. Wheelchair basketball teams will play by standard wheelchair basketball rules.
  • Age divisions will be determined by a player's grade during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Players must be able to show proof of grade if asked by Games officials or unable to play until we have proof.
  • A player may play only on one team per weekend, excluding 30+, 40+ and 50+ age groups.
  • A player that plays on two teams in one weekend must forfeit a game. Except for the 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ age groups.
  • Teams must start game with 5 players. Roster size for each team will be limited to 12 players max.
  • Forfeit time will be 10 minutes from scheduled game time. Site supervisors will determine forfeit.
  • Teams must furnish their own warm-up and game basketballs.
  • Teams should have light and dark jerseys. Numbers should be on both sides of jersey.
  • Teams must furnish one scorekeeper for each game. Scorekeeper provided by the team must sit next to the scorekeeper provided by the opposing team. The running score on score sheets will be the official score.


  • Any coach or player receiving two technical fouls in one game will not be allowed to participate in the following game.
  • Any team receiving two technical fouls (unsportsmanlike behavior) in one game will forfeit that game. Should the forfeit occur during a medal round, the forfeiting team will not be awarded medals.
  • Any coach or player who indicates to an official that his or her team does not want to continue a game shall be considered a forfeit. Should a forfeit occur during a medal round game, the forfeiting team will not be eligible to receive medals.
  • Any team that forfeits (2) games are considered dropped from tournament. A team cannot advance to a medal round with (2) forfeits.


  • The Recreational Division will not allow pressing, except for the last 2 minutes of the game. The Competitive Division will play by Missouri State High School Rules. Coaches of recreational division teams should remind officials prior to game that the game is a recreational division game.


  • Teams in the 2nd and 3rd grade divisions will be required to play man-to-man defense at all times, even on out-of-bounds plays. No zone.
  • Pressing will not be allowed in the 2nd and 3rd grade division except for the last 2 minutes of the game.


  • All girls and women's team will use the smaller 28.5" bal. Boys 5th grade and younger will also use the smaller 28.5" ball. 6th grade and older boys will use the official men's basketball.


  • 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th grade divisions will play 16 minute halves. Overtime is 2 minutes, clock will stop for normal violations.
  • 7th and 8th grade divisions will play 18 minute halves. Overtime is 2 minutes, clock will stop for normal violations.
  • 19-and-over men or women, 30, 40, 50 and 60-and-over men will play 20-minute halves; Overtime will be five minutes. Clock will run continuously until 5 minutes remain in 2nd half, then the clock will stop for normal violations.
  • All divisions 18 and under will use a running clock with the following exceptions. The clock will stop for all free throw, time outs, injuries and any other time deemed necessary by the official. In addition, the clock will stop for all normal violations the last 2 minutes of the game.
  • Half time will be 3 minutes.
  • If a team takes a 20 points lead or more we will play the "MERCY RULES", meaning the clock will continuously run until the half or game expires. Also, teams may not press when up by 20.  The clock will only stop on official time-outs, injury, shoe-tying, or if referee needs to clean up wet spots on floor.
  • 19 & over women will use a 10-sec back-court violation because the shot clock will not be used.


  • Teams will be allowed 2 full timeouts per game. Timeouts will not carry over to overtime. Team will be allowed one timeout in overtime.


The following tie-breakers will be based for determining seeding for the bracket.   (**Teams winning a forfeit game count as a win toward record but does not count toward Point Differential. Averages per game will be used only if forfeits are involved.)

  1. Win-Loss Record
  2. Head-to-Head Competition
  3. Point Differential (Max of 15 points for a win. Average of all games played.)
  4. Fewest Points allowed (Based on Pool Play Games)
  5. Luck of Draw (coin-toss)


  • Protest forms will be available during the tournament with the site coordinators.
  • All decisions of the referees with regards to facts and the rules of the game are final and appeals with regard to such matters will not be heard.
  • All disputes/protests will be settled by the protest committee. Protests must be filed in writing with the site coordinator within 30 minutes after completion of the game in question by the team coach and accompanied by a fee of $100.00 in cash. This deposit will be returned if the protest is upheld by the committee.

REMINDER: NCAA rules prohibit prospect-aged individuals (9th-12th grade) from making in-person, on-campus contact with Division I men's basketball coaching staffs during the month of July. Therefore, please refrain from attempting a visit to the MU men's basketball offices while participating in the Show-Me STATE GAMES.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
BB1074th Grade Boys ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1084th Grade Girls ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1115th Grade Boys ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1125th Grade Girls ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1156th Grade Boys ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1166th Grade Girls ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1197th Grade Boys ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1207th Grade Girls ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1238th Grade Boys ('19-'20 School Year)
BB1248th Grade Girls ('19-'20 School Year)
BB13819 and Over Women
BB14019 and Over Men - Recreational
BB14219 and Over Men - Competitive
BB14330 and Over Men