Entries will continue to be accepted until July 16. On-site registrations will be accepted.

Sport Info



  • Please consult the schedule below to find out which events are being held which session.   
  • The order of the events listed below will be the order of events as they are run on the track.  There is no set schedule other than the start time of the session. 
  • All field events will begin at the start of the session unless otherwise noted. (Female oldest to youngest, followed by Male oldest to youngest)



Ages 14 and Under - Saturday, July 20, 2024

Ages 15 and Over - Sunday, July 21, 2024

See the order of events at the bottom of this page.


Battle High School
7575 E Saint Charles Road
Columbia, MO  65202




Pre-registration will be accepted until July 16.  After that, entries will be accepted the day of the meet at the competition site.


All athletes must check-in at the track prior to competing in order to pick up numbers.  Athlete check-in will be conducted behind the permanent bleachers on the west side of the track.

Each participant will be assigned a participant numbers and will be given an event card for each event in which he / she is entered.  The athlete will be asked to re-confirm their entry into each event.  The athlete will turn-in cards only for those events in which they will actually participate.  If there is an event card missing, you will have the opportunity to complete a card and add the appropriate events.


For more information, contact our office at 573-882-2101.


Register Online: Show-Me State Games Online Registration - Track and Field


Register by Mail:  To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211


Running Events (SATURDAY)
- Beginning at 8:00am
3000 Meter Run
Short Hurdles (finals only)
100 Meter Dash (finals only)
400 Meter Run
4x100 Meter Relay
800 Meter Run
200 Meter Dash
1500 Meter Run
4x400 Meter Relay

Field Events (SATURDAY)
8:00am - Long Jump (boys)
8:00am - Discus (girls and boys)
8:00am - High Jump (boys and girls)
10:00am - Shot Put (girls)
10:00am - Pole Vault (boys and girls)
11:00am - Triple Jump (boys and girls)
12:00pm - Long Jump (girls)
12:00pm - Shot Put (boys)


Running Events (SUNDAY)
- Beginning at 8:00am
3000 Meter Run
Short Hurdles (finals only)
100 Meter Dash (finals only)
400 Meter Run
1500 Meter Race Walk
4x100 Meter Relay
800 Meter Run
200 Meter Dash
1500 Meter Run
4x400 Meter Relay

Field Events (SUNDAY)
8:00am - Long Jump (men and women)
8:00am - Discus (men)
8:00am - Shot Put (women)
8:00am - High Jump (women)
10:00am - High Jump (men)
11:00am - Javelin (men and women)
12:00pm - Pole Vault (men and women)
12:00pm - Triple Jump (men and women)
1:00pm - Discus (women)
1:00pm - Shot Put (men)



General Rules

  • USATF rules and regulations will be followed in general. Commissioner's decision is final.
  • In all events, women will compete first, followed by the men and oldest to youngest.  (i.e. Women oldest to youngest, followed by men oldest to youngest.)
  • Age divisions may be grouped for the convenience of running the meet, but awards will be presented for place winners within a contestant's own age group.
  • The 100 meter dash and "short" hurdles will be run as prelims / finals only if more than 8 competitors are in an event.  Otherwise they will be ran as a timed final.  In case of a tie, USA Track and Field rules governing ties shall apply.
  • Two false starts by an individual will disqualify them from competition.
  • Maximum spike length shall be 1/4".
  • If a person physically aids any participant during an event the participant shall be disqualified.
  • Bib numbers must be worn on the front of the jersey except for athletes participating in the pole vault and throwing events.
  • Athletes must supply their own pole vault poles.


  • Competitors age is determined by their age on the first day of the meet.
  • All age groups 18 and under will be limited to 4 events.
  • Some events have age restrictions due to safety and liability.
    • 1500 Meter Walk - ages 15 and over only
    • "Short" Hurdles - ages 11 and over only
    • "Long" Hurdles - ages 15 and over only
    • Triple Jump - ages 13 and over only
    • Discus - ages 11 and over only
    • Javelin - ages 15 and over only
    • Pole Vault - ages 13 and over only


  • All running event participants are required to report at the clerk’s shed located in the northwest corner of the track, 20 minutes prior to their event. All running event participants will receive a hip number that must be worn on the left hip.
  • Field event participants should report to the head official at the event site when called.


  • The track, high jump apron, and runways are all-weather surfaces. Spikes for these surfaces may be no longer than 1/4 inch.
  • The surfaces of the shot put and discus rings are concrete.


  • Throwing implements must be weighed-in and certified before use in warm-ups and competition.  All implements certified for competition will be pooled for each session.  Athletes are expected to bring their own implements.  SMSG can not guarantee that "loaner" or "house" implements will be available for use.
Shot Put
14 and Under Females 6 lbs
15-49 Females 4 kg
50-74 Females 3 kg
75+ Females 2 kg
12 and Under Males 6 lbs
13-14 Males 4 kg
15-18 Males 12 lbs
19-49 Males 16 lbs
50-59 Males 6 kg
60-69 Males 5 kg
70-79 Males 4 kg
80+ Males 3 kg

11-74 Females 1 kg
75+ Females 0.75 kg
11-14 Males 1 kg
15-18 Males 1.6 kg
19-49 Males 2 kg
50-59 Males 1.5 kg
60+ Males 1 kg

15-49 Females 4 kg
50-74 Females 3 kg
75+ Females 2 kg
15-18 Males 12 lb
19-49 Males 16 lb
50-59 Males 6 kg
60-69 Males 5 kg
70-79 Males 4 kg
80+ Males 3 kg

15-49 Females 600 g
50-59 Females 500 g
60 + Females 400 g
15-49 Males 800 g
50-59 Males 700 g
60-69 Males 600 g
70-79 Males 500 g
80 + Males 400 g



"Short" Hurdles (will be the only hurdle events ran in 2022)
11-12 Girls, 80 meters, 30"
13-14 Girls, 100 meters, 30"
15-16 Girls, 100 meters, 33"
17-18 Girls, 100 meters, 33"
19-29 Women, 100 meters, 33"
30-39 Women, 100 meters, 33"
40-49 Women, 80 meters, 30"
50-59 Women, 80 meters, 30"
60 and Over Women, 80 meters, 27"

11-12 Boys, 80 meters, 30"
13-14 Boys, 100 meters, 33"
15-16 Boys, 110 meters, 39"
17-18 Boys, 110 meters, 39"
19-29 Men, 110 meters, 42"
30-49 Men, 110 meters, 39"
50-59 Men, 100 meters, 36"
60-69 Men, 100 meters, 33"
70-79 Men, 80 meters, 30"
80 and Over Men, 80 meters, 27"

Finals Parking
Please pay attention to no-parking and reserved parking spaces when parking at the finals in Columbia.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
TF001100 Meter Dash
TF002200 Meter Dash
TF003400 Meter Dash
TF004800 Meter Run
TF0051500 Meter Run
TF0063000M Run
TF0091500 Meter Walk (ages 15 and over ONLY)
TF010Short Hurdles (ages 11 and over)
TF012High Jump
TF013Long Jump
TF014Triple Jump (ages 13 and over ONLY)
TF015Shot Put
TF016Discus (ages 11 and over ONLY)
TF017Javelin (ages 15 and over ONLY)
TF019Pole Vault (age 13 and over ONLY)
TF020100 Meter Disabled
TF0214x100 Meter Relay
TF0224x400 Meter Relay