3v3 SoccerFest - November

Online registration for 3v3 SoccerFest - November closed on October 30.


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November 9-10, 2019 - BRACKETS AND SCHEDULES


Hickman High School
1104 N Providence Rd
Columbia, MO 65203


$140 per team prior to October 29.
$160 per team after October 29 on a space available basis.

Also, admission will be charged at the gate.  $5 per person 18 and older only.  Pass will be good all weekend.


The last day we will take entries is Friday, November 1.


For more information regarding your registration, contact the Show-Me State Games office at (573) 882-2109.


Register Online: Show-Me State Games Online Registration - 3v3 Soccer


Register by Mail:  To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211




General Information:

  • The Show-Me State Games Competition Coordinator and/or Tournament Officials reserve the right to combine divisions when necessary. Coaches will be made aware of any changes.
  • Coaches associated with more than one team are encouraged to have alternates available to coach team(s) when schedule conflicts arise; schedule variations will not be made to accommodate coaches.

Roster Information:

  • Players may be added/deleted to your roster up until final check-in, after final check-in the team roster is frozen for tournament.
  • A player must be rostered to be eligible to play in the competition and can be rostered to only one team for the competition.
  • Females may play on a male team, but a male cannot play on a female team. Mixed teams will play in the male division of their respective age division.
  • The maximum number of rostered players per team is 6. Minimum number of rostered players 3.
  • Age of players is determined by the player's year of birth. Players must bring legal proof of age to the tournament, and must submit it when requested by any tournament official.

General Rules:

USSF Laws of the Game will be in effect unless modified below.

Players and Equipment:

  • No jewelry of any kind may be worn. Any player observed by the referee to be playing while wearing jewelry must be substituted immediately.
  • Use of shin guards is mandatory for all games.
  • It is the responsibility of the home team (listed first on the schedule) to change uniforms in case of conflict and asked to do so by a game official. Each team should bring two sets of numbered shirts; each set a different color.
  • U12 and below will play with #4 size ball, U13 and above will play with #5 size ball. The home team will be responsible for providing a game ball.
  • A team consists of 3 fielders on the "pitch" with no goalkeeper.
  • Teams will be on one side of the field with spectators on the other.

Manner of Play and Scoring

  • All re-starts, free kicks, corner kicks, etc. are indirect. Opponents must be (5) yards away from the ball.
  • On kickoffs, the ball may move forward or backwards on first touch. However, a goal cannot be scored on first touch.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a corner kick.
  • Out-of-bounds will be restarted by a kick-in and not a throw-in. A goal cannot be scored directly from an out-of-bounds kick-in.
  • The ball must be struck or touched by any player from either team in the attacking half of the field for a goal to be scored.
  • No Offside will be called.
  • Slide tackling or any sliding near a player will result in a caution and yellow card unless it is determined by the referee that excessive force was employed in which case the player will be shown the red card and sent off.


  • Unlimited substitution is allowed. Substitution can be done at any stoppage (except injury stoppage), or on the "fly". All substitutions will be done at "team side" mid-field line. The player coming off must be completely off of the field at the "team side" before the substitute player enters the field.
  • A team can substitute for an injured player only, after referee calls stoppage of play for the injury. NO other substitution allowed at this time for either team until play resumes.

Length of Games and Overtime

  • U6-U7-U8-U9-U10-U11-U12 - 12-minute halves with 5-minute halftime.
  • U13-U14-U16-U17-U18-U19-Adult - 15-minute halves with 2-minute halftime.
  • There will be NO overtime except for semifinals and championship games. Overtime will be a 5-minute period with the first goal scored determining the winner. If game is still tied the 5-minute period will be repeated until a winner is determined.
  • Forfeit will be declared if a team fails to have (3) three players on the field (10) minutes after the scheduled start time.  Teams must start the game with 3 players, however they may finish the game with 2 players.  If a team is down to 1 player the game will be declared a forfeit

Goal Box and Goal

  • The ball is considered in the goal box when the ball breaks the plane of the boundary lines of the goal box.
  • A player is considered in the goal box if any part of the player's body breaks the plane of the boundary lines of the goal box.
  • If a defensive player touches the ball while the ball is in the goal box or if a defensive player touches the ball while the player is in the goal box it will be an automatic goal for the offensive team followed by a kickoff at midfield by the non-scoring team.
  • If an offensive player touches the ball while the ball is in the goal box or if an offensive player touches the ball while the player is in the goal box no goal will count. The defensive team will be awarded a goal kick.
  • If an offensive and defensive player touch the ball while the ball is in the goal box or while both players are in the goal box in the continuation of the same play, a dropped ball will occur 10 yards outside the box.
  • If the ball comes to a stop in the goal box, play will be restarted by a dropped ball 10 yards outside the goal box.
  • Any player who moves or touches a goal in a manner determined by the referee to be unsporting will be cautioned and shown a yellow card.

Cautions and Ejections:

  • A player who is cautioned and shown the yellow card must leave the field of play for 1 minute and can be substituted.
  • A player who is sent off and shown the red card must leave the facility immediately. A player who is shown the red card can be substituted and the team will not play short.
  • Players ejected from a match are ineligible to compete in the next scheduled game; this includes semifinal and final matches.
  • Players may be ejected for the remainder of the tournament for violent or vulgar behavior.


  • The home team is listed first on the schedule.
  • Point system: 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a shutout, and 0 points for a loss. Forfeits will be recorded as a 3-0 win for the team present. The team must be present with a least the minimum number of players required to play a game within the time limitations, even if the team knows the opposing team will be forfeiting. A 0-0 tie will be recorded as a tie and shutout for each team.
  • One (1) point will be removed from a team's point standings total for each red card issued against a member, player or coach, of the team. This rule applies anyone located within team's bench area.
  • When bracket winners for regular semi-final berths, wild-card semi-final berths, medal winners (in one bracket division after round robin play), or bronze medal winners after semi-final play cannot be determined by point totals, the following rules will be used (in order given) to break ties:
    1. Head to Head competition (skipped if teams did not play one another),
    2. Fewest goals allowed,
    3. Highest goal differential (maximum 3 per game),
    4. Most shutouts,
    5. Overtime play in format listed above.
    *** Please note that for 3 team pools, only games played within the pool will count towards pool advancement


  • Disputes will be settled by the tournament director. All decisions of the referees, with regard to facts and the Laws of the Game are final, and appeals with regard to such matters will not be heard. All other disputes will be settled by a protest committee, but must be filed in writing with the tournament director at the venue where game took place. The protest must be filed within 30 minutes after completion of protested game by the coach and accompanied by a fee of $30.00 cash. This deposit will not be returned unless the protest is upheld by the protest committee. Dispute forms will be available during the tournament from tournament director.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach to check standings, scores, posted information, and other tournament communications at the official's tent at the venue where games took place. It is the responsibility of the team coaches to check score and sign the official referee's game card at the completion of the game.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
S3003U7 Boys (2013 birth year or after)
S3004U7 Girls (2013 birth year or after)
S3005U8 Boys (2012 birth year or after)
S3006U8 Girls (2012 birth year or after)
S3007U9 Boys (2011 birth year or after)
S3008U9 Girls (2011 birth year or after)
S3009U10 Boys (2010 birth year or after)
S3010U10 Girls (2010 birth year or after)
S3011U11 Boys (2009 birth year or after)
S3012U11 Girls (2009 birth year or after)
S3013U12 Boys (2008 birth year or after)
S3014U12 Girls (2008 birth year or after)
S3015U13 Boys (2007 birth year or after)
S3016U13 Girls (2007 birth year or after)
S3017U14 Boys (2006 birth year or after)
S3018U14 Girls (2006 birth year or after)
S3019U15 Boys (2005 birth year or after)
S3020U15 Girls (2005 birth year or after)
S3021U16 Boys (2004 birth year or after)
S3022U16 Girls (2004 birth year or after)
S3023U17 Boys (2003 birth year or after)
S3024U17 Girls (2003 birth year or after)
S3025U18 / U19 Boys (2002/2001 birth year or after)
S3026U18 / U19 Girls (2002/2001 birth year or after)
S3027Adult Open - Men
S3028Adult Open - Women