Table Tennis (Springfield)


Entries will continue to be accepted until April 2. No on-site registrations will be accepted.

Sport Info


April 4-5, 2020 - Doors open 8:00am. Registration 8:00 am. Play starts 9:00 am

Saturday, 9:00am - Novice Singles (RR to SE)
Saturday, 10:00am - Under 1400 Singles (RR to SE)
Saturday, 11:00am - Under 2000 Singles (RR to SE)
Saturday, 1:00pm - Giant Round Robin (RR to RR)
Saturday, 4:00pm - Under 1800 Singles (RR to SE)
Saturday, 3:00pm - Open Doubles (RR to SE)

Sunday, 9:00am - Under 1200 Singles (RR to SE)
Sunday, 10:00pm - Under 1600 Singles (RR to SE)
Sunday, 11:00pm - Under 2200 Singles (RR to SE)
Sunday, 1:00pm - Open Singles (RR to SE)
Sunday, 4:00pm - 3200 Doubles (RR to SE)

Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to your event.  If an event finishes early, players in the next event immediately start play.


O'Reilly-Tefft Gymnasium, 1408 E. Pythian St, Springfield MO  65802


Entries must be received by 5:00 pm, Thursday, April 2. (If entering after this date: $10 late fee).  Received entries will take precedence over phone calls.

Refunds if cancellation is by March 30. "No Shows" money not refunded.  Insufficient entries may be canceled with fees refunded. If an event is canceled, the player is placed in the next higher rated event.


Bill Lewis, President, Ozarks Table Tennis Club
3818 S Farm Rd 103
Brookline, MO  65619
Phone (C): 417.493.6259
Club Site:


To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games Table Tennis entry form and mail it along with payment to: (checks made payable to Ozark Table Tennis Club):

Bill Lewis
3818 S Farm Road 103
Brookline Station MO  65619-9395


USATT 2-Star Sanctioned Tournament
  • Giant Round Robin: Initial (1st) round robin: 4 players in 6 Groups.  At conclusion of first RR, each player is then placed in 2nd RR, Group A through Group D with 6 players in each group.  At conclusion of 2nd RR, top 4 players from Groups A, B, C and D awarded cash and/or medals.
    Format: Round Robin to Round Robin…..…{..each player plays 8 matches..}.............. Limit: 24
  • Open Singles; Format RR to SE.  Limit 16 players
  • Under 2200 Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 16 players
  • Under 2000 Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 16 players
  • Under 1800 Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 16 players
  • Under 1600 Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 15 players
  • Under 1400 Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 15 players
  • Under 1200 Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 15 players
  • Novice Singles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 15 players
  • 3200 Doubles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 12 teams
  • Open Doubles: Format: RR to SE.  Limit: 12 teams

Facilities and Equipment
Wood floor gymnasium with excellent lighting. There are 12 tables: Cornilleau model 740 (light blue surface).  Black Nets.  Solid 8 foot cardboard barriers.  Seemless white Butterfly 40+mm poly balls.

Player's rating will be based on USATT site 1 week prior.  Check ratings at The Tournament Director seeds all unrated players.  Unrated players will advance from any and all round robins.

Other Information
All USATT regulations apply; specifically you must not wear a shirt that is predominately ball colored in this case white, nor should sleeveless shirts or un-hemmed jean shorts be worn.

Tournament Committee:
Tournament Director: Bill Lewis
Certified Referee: Bill Lewis
Club Umpire: Bill Lewis
Assistant TD: Chris Kolb
Tournament Registrar: Jean Lewis
Treasurer: Chris Kolb
Board Member: Joe Fong

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
TT001Online registration not available for
TT002Table Tennis. Please see previous
TT003page for registration instructions.