5 Ways to Prepare for the Show-Me State Games

1. Train, Hydrate & Dream Big! 

Prepare for the Show-Me State Games by not only training your body, but also your mind. Visualize success, and dream big! For the weeks leading up to the Games, focus on your health by eating well and drinking lots of water. It wouldn’t be the Show-Me State Games without the sun and warm weather. When you are hydrated, the possibility of sustaining an injury is lessened and your performance is enhanced.

2. Invite Family & Friends

At the Show-Me State Games, our mission is health, fitness, family and fun for all Missourians. The Games wouldn’t be complete unless you invited your friends and family to cheer you on or participate along side you in the Games. We have 40+ sport offerings, so hopefully everyone can find something to enjoy!

3. Book your Hotel Room

When you come to Columbia for the Games, there is so much more this wonderful city has to offer while you’re visiting! Stay for a while and enjoy the amazing food, wonderful parks and many other activities Columbia has to offer. Be sure to support our hotel partners when choosing where to stay. Our premier partners include, Holiday Inn Executive CenterStoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, and Drury Hotels.  For more tips on what to do while you’re in town, visit the Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

4. Sign up to Volunteer

Did you know that the Show-Me State Games utilizes more than 500 volunteers over the course of the Summer? That’s right! As the LARGEST state games in the nation, the Show-Me State Games relies on its outstanding volunteers to make the Games a success! The Games would not be possible without the amazing individuals and groups who dedicate their time and energy to make the Games run so smoothly! Sign up to volunteer today at https://www.smsg.org/volunteer or email Maggie Schuh with any questions.

5. Save up Money for some new SMSG merch

Show-Me State Games Merchandise

Bonus: Get Excited & Have FUN!!!!

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