Columbia Corporate Challenge

In 2017, the Show-Me State Games kicked off the first ever Columbia Corporate Challenge. The Columbia Corporate Challenge is an event that offers companies the chance to work on team building, community involvement, as well as health and wellness, while competing against other businesses.

Our inaugural event offered eight sporting events in conjunction with the existing Show-Me State Games activities and featured 100 participants including athletes and volunteers. Points are earned through volunteer opportunities with the Show-Me State Games, as well as finishes in each Corporate Challenge sporting event.

In 2017, there were nearly 100 participants representing their companies in the Challenge. One of the participants was quoted as saying, “I really enjoyed the thought of competing against other Corporations to help create a team atmosphere at our corporation and to have good competition with other companies.”

Employees will form “teams” of up to 15 participants. The Corporate Challenge will run Saturday and Sunday, July 21-July 29. Each company can enter more than one team. For more information and to sign up your team, you can visit our Columbia Corporate Challenge page or email Julie White.

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