3 Tips To Spring Clean Your Health

Oftentimes we think of spring cleaning in terms of house cleaning, but it’s a great time to spruce up your health as well. Here are three quick tips to get you started:


Make Sure You’re Up to Date on Doctor Appointments

If you haven’t had a health check-up in a while, scheduling an appointment with a primary care provider is a great way to get an overall health check as well as screening recommendations for your age, family history and lifestyle. If you don’t have a primary care provider yet and aren’t sure where to start, visit muhealth.org/welcome to find the provider and location that’s best for you.


Eat Seasonally

Spring is full of in-season fruits, vegetables and herbs, and filling your diet with a variety of them can do wonders for your health. Fruits and vegetables taste their best and are oftentimes cheaper when they’re at their peak freshness. With the boost in flavor and savings, visit your farmer’s market or grocery store for in-season finds, and try your hand at fresh sauce, soup, veggie pizza or casserole recipes.


Check Your Medicine Cabinet

Our medicine cabinets are easy to overlook and oftentimes collect expired health products and prescriptions. Get rid of anything old or expired, but be sure to take proper precautions, since some may be harmful to animals and the environment. A few things you can do to safely clean out your medicine: ask your pharmacy if they have take back programs, read medication labels for disposal directions or follow the FDA guidelines for medication disposal.


– Article provided by SMSG sponsor MU Health Care

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