The Ultimate Guide to the Summer GAMES

Everything you need to know for the summer GAMES:

Schedule | Merch | Heat Safety Tips | Dining Passport | Photos | Preferred Sporting Goods Partner


We have a new online shop for this year’s merchandise! But, make sure you visit our on-site merch locations for all styles and options we have!

MU Health Care‘s Heat Safety Information:

With hot temperatures setting in, the Show-Me State Games encourages our participants, spectators, volunteers, and officials to review heat safety tips from MU Health Care.

Make sure to drink lots of water, find shade when possible and cool off at area dining and shopping when possible.

We want you to stay safe and have fun at the GAMES!

2023 Dining Passport

Visit all of our premier dining partners while you are in town for the games for a prize! 

How to get the prize: 
1. Print out the passport on our website
2. Visit all of the restaurants to get the passport stamped
3. Bring it to our office or email Jessie for a prize

Find photos of your event

We have photographers visiting as many sports as they can during the games. Check our Facebook albums to see if you or a family member is featured.

Also, if you take photos or post about your time at the GAMES, make sure to tag us!

Have a story to share? Email Mikayla at for a chance to be featured.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is our Preferred Sporting Goods Partner!

DICK’S Sporting Goods is offering a shopping event to help you gear up for the Games!

We’ve got several coupons running with DICK’S Sporting Goods right now so please be sure to click on the links below and show your support by shopping at DICK’S Sporting Goods for all of your sporting goods needs!

Help support us by supporting all of our partners!

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